Cauliflower and Walnut Crust Quiche

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There is no end to the versatility of the humble cauliflower!  Now available in Quiche crust format!  Although I have made this a couple of times with walnuts simply because I like this flavour combination you could use another nut instead.  I have made it without nuts and the crust was too moist for my liking.  Perhaps some ground flaxseed instead or even Parmesan cheese to bind it and give it the crispy case.  Perfect for a picnic or supper dish!

Although I am a massive fan of the frittata (which is basically a crustless Quiche) I do miss the pastry casing of a Quiche and this is a great substitution for those of you who also miss their pastry.  Or just trying to be a bit healthier.  Delicious hot or cold, this was well received by the Chief Taster.

One tip that I cannot emphasis enough is that you MUST line your baking…

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