Breakfast egg/veggie/smoked salmon scramble

Mushrooms-spring onions-fresh eggs-smoked salmon

Mushrooms, spring onions, fresh eggs, and smoked salmon



Chopped Mushrooms and spring onions; ready to cook

Saute onions mushrooms spinach

Saute onions, mushrooms and then spinach.

smoked salmon veggie scramble

Add the beaten eggs– gently cook

Egg/Veggie Scramble with Smoked Salmon

Breakfast, especially on a lazy Sunday, is one of our favorite meals.  For this dish, I added spinach, Cremini mushrooms and succulent chunks of smoked salmon to an egg scramble.

It’s spring and the weather is lovely.  Spring onions are a special treat now in season for a short while. They look like regular scallions with a slightly larger bulb, but they are very different; sweeter and more tender. I use them as often as I can find them at the local farmer’s market or even at the supermarket. (We have a local one that features fresh, local produce.)

I indulged further to serve with basil chicken sausages, and a few pieces of a really sweet tangerine as an accent to the savory flavors of this dish. Low carb and so delicious and satisfying!


  • 3-4 fresh spring onions, chopped, including white bulbs and green stems
  • 1/2 cup spinach, chopped, removing stems
  • 1/2-1 cup Cremini mushrooms, chopped
  • Smoked salmon ( I used about 6 oz. for the two of us), chopped
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 Tbsp butter (I use unsalted, both as it’s my taste preference and for the salt-free aspect)
  • Thyme, herbs de Provence and/or salt-free seasoning/pepper to taste


1. Beat eggs ( I add a tsp. of milk or 1/2 and 1/2- that small amount Rick can tolerate); add seasonings to the eggs, and set aside.

2. Sauté mushrooms in butter; after they’re browned (about 6-7 minutes), add chopped onions and saute until soft, about another 5-6 minutes.

3.  Remove mushrooms and onions to a bowl.

4. Add spinach to the pan; saute briefly, 1-2 minutes until wilted.

5. Add mushrooms and onions back into the pan, and add beaten eggs over the vegetables.

6. Gently cook the mixture, using a spatula around the sides to fold in the mixture as it’s cooking.

7. Cook until barely firm, and serve.

8. Enjoy!