New Video! Scrumptious Cheesy Appetizer!

Sauteed Goat Brie and luscious Camembert with green onions on top

Sauteed Goat Brie and luscious Camembert with green onions on top

Here’s the link to the new step-by-step video! Sauteed Cheesy Appetizer

I’m excited to announce the next Type2delicious video! My brother Dan Mainzer, a professional photographer/videographer, ( was here in Santa Cruz last winter and we collaborated on these videos. I’ve posted the first two (please check them out on the type2delicious video channel)–and now here is the third–“Making a Scrumptious Cheesy Appetizer.” This step-by-step video shows you how to make it–it’s easy and so delicious!

This appetizer combines goat Brie, (for those folks like Rick who don’t digest cow’s milk products very well), and a cow’s milk French Camembert sautéed with spring onions–into a creamy, melt in your mouth appetizer that will make you the hit of any party. (I know as I’ve made this for parties with rave results!)

I hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.




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