The Low Carb Cocktails

New Old Fashioned–low carb version of the classic


Low Carb Cocktails 

Summer is a great time to enjoy a cocktail with friends out on the patio (or wherever you have some area to celebrate good weather). Since many cocktails are full of sugar or some type of sweetener they’ve often been off limits for carb-conscious folks, especially those with diabetes. I’m sharing low carb versions of favorite cocktails, including a version of the classic Old Fashioned that we call the New Old Fashioned, and an original rum cocktail, “Three Ships in the Harbor,” (unofficially “Three Sheets to the Wind”). In this post I feature the New Old Fashioned; the rum cocktail will follow. Note: please check with your physician or dietician to make sure that alcohol is allowed in your diet plan.

Now I’m asking you, dear, readers, to submit your own low carb cocktail recipes (hopefully in the next week), of classics, such as the Cosmopolitan, or Manhattan, or your original creations.

Add your recipes to the “comments” at the bottom of this blog post. Depending when I get your recipes, I’ll publish as many as possible in subsequent posts.

I’m excited to receive your cocktails! We’ll have a tasting–will let you know the results.

INGREDIENTS – the New Old Fashioned

  • 2 shots (1 1/2 oz. each) your favorite Blended Whiskey or Bourbon
  • Bitters- 2-4 dashes or more, depending on your taste; we try different kinds- Angostura is a standard but we also found a brand, (actually at Crate and Barrel), called “Hella Bitters” with citrus and others; plus got some cardomon plum bitters in LA – place was a bitters’ supermarket!
  • 1 tsp water (optional)
  • 2 Large orange wedges–we use at least 1/4 orange per drink. This also helps to add fiber to the drink as we eat the orange too.
  • Ice cubes


1. Fill two rocks’ glasses, (or double rocks’ glasses), with ice cubes (we use extra large cubes–one per glass-you can order these special ice trays on-line)

2. Lightly squeeze the Orange wedge in each glass. (You also have to eat the Orange; no fair just using the juice. I usually squeeze most of the juice in first to mellow out the bitters and then eat the Orange after I finish the cocktail.)

3. Add a shot of Whiskey per glass (water if you like)

4. Add the bitters to taste- try different kinds; Rick is the bitters king and uses at least 4 dashes; I like less.


Of course, check with your doctor if you’re concerned that drinking cocktails, even low carb, aren’t good for your condition.